12 Things to Know About Drop Shipping Art Prints with Printify

 Before we get started, let me honestly tell you this. Every time someone orders through my link, I receive a small commission. BUT, let me also tell you: I HONESTLY use Printify and LOVE it (plus you get a discount on your first order!🥳)

So here are my tips on how to use it effectively to scale your art business. 

Brejenn Signing Messiah Prints Spread out across a countertop

1. You can print your art on ANYTHING!  Print on demand isn't just for posters and art prints! 

2. Drop shipping = blind shipping   Blind shipping means that your order is shipped with your name on the packaging. NO PRINTIFY BRANDING IS ON YOUR PACKAGE. Your package looks like it comes straight from you.

3. It gives you more time to focus on your creativity!  In this photo, I'm obviously not drop shipping, I had to print, sign, and ship each one and it took a LOT of time! Printify saves you time and saving time makes up for the money. The price of Printify is a great deal compared to purchasing paper, printing each order, packing, driving to the post office and shipping it yourself. Plus, have you SEEN these gas prices?! Living in a rural area, Printify makes sense for me.🤷🏽‍♀️

4. You don't need a professional camera for prints!  Take a GOOD focused picture of your artwork in good natural lighting. Then head over to Photoshop to crop, edit your contrast, brighten colors, sharpen detail, and more! 

5. Use 300 dpi +!   You don't want your prints to be fuzzy when your customers receive them! Always make sure to set your DPI to 300 or more when editing your pictures in Photoshop.  

6. Always order samples.  Your print looks great as a mock-up, but you NEED to see the quality of your prints, the sizing of it, and something to take pictures with to promote on social media! 

7. You don't NEED every single size for your prints.  Printify offers a WIDE VARIETY of sizes, but you don't have to chose every single one. That's more work for you, and your customers will be scrolling for days. 

8. Use layers in Printify to add your signature to each print. You have the option of layers in Printify which I LOVE. You can upload a PNG of your signature and add it to the top of every print without having to do it in Photoshop.

9. Mark it up!   Figure out how much time you put into your artwork, uploading it to the site, your social media marketing, etc. and mark your prices up. Stay reasonable (or not) but don't lowball yourself. 

10. It's all automatic just add a credit card.   When someone orders, your linked credit card is charged and Printify gets to work. You absolutely can add a debit card if you want, but a credit card is easier for me. I never have to worry about someone's order being delayed because my bank was empty. 

Because I want to be openly transparent here are some things I DON'T LIKE ABOUT Printify. I've reached out to their customer service which is an easy process and they are working on fixing these. 

11. They don't offer square size posters or glicee prints in the US.  If you have a square image that you want trimmed as a square and not a portrait or landscape, you'll have to outsource it to another company OR just have your customer trim it themselves. 

12. There's no option to add your logo or any branding to your packaging. The packaging is missing your touch because you don't touch it or see it. 


Ready to embark on your drop shipping art business with Printify? Click the link below to get started and receive your 10% discount off your first order! 


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