Happy New Year! How to Write a Fun Brejenn Allen New Years Resolution List...

If you're reading this, first of all THANK YOU! I'm not completely sure anyone reads these blog posts or finds them interesting. Second of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! We made it to 2021. I saw this post on instagram that said, "Hopefully 2021 doesn't make us feel like 2020 wasn't so bad after all." I can only hope. 

There are two parts to the Brejenn Allen New Years Resolutions List. There are the POSSIBLES and the IMPOSSIBLES. They're pretty self explanatory. The impossibles are fun to create and think and dream about in my head, and every blue moon one of my IMPOSSIBLES ACTUALLY HAPPENS! If they don't its totally cool and I work on my possibles. My logic here is, "At least this is something I can work on now."


-- being more intentional about what I post to instagram. and being more present in my photos...

-- not being on social media to take in content, but to present it, and to grow my following...

-- making one of these here blog posts every week. 

-- starting a new art piece every week..

-- designing and making a WEDDING DRESS. (really excited for this one)

-- not giving up on dating or just giving up until I'm maybe 27 (either is fine.)

-- revamping my portfolio site.

-- applying to more art shows

-- applying strategies to sell more art

-- writing a kids book

-- selling a course

-- learning more about swing trading

-- finishing my RV

-- get my driver's license. 

-- less procrastinating 

-- less overthinking. 

FUN FACT: I am a VERY fantastical and unrealistic person when it comes to setting goals or just dreaming. Some people thinks it hurts when you don't achieve them, but I disagree. The goals are SO OUTRAGEOUS until it would pretty much have to be an act of God himself from the clouds with lightning bolts for it to happen. So when they don't happen, I don't get upset. I just think its fun to make them. (and then sometimes, they really DO END UP HAPPENING. God and all his lightning bolts really isn't so impossible after all.)

Anyway, here are the IMPOSSIBLES:

-- become the richest most famous artist in the world. Like bigger than Beyonce but for art. Like Leonardo DaVinci but a black woman with a fro.

-- buy a HOUSE. 

-- go to the Met Gala and design my outfit and be the star of the show. (Met Gala 2019 Theme: "Camp" was my favvoorrriitteee. Omg *sighs*)


-- be on the cover of a magazine

-- sit next to Anna Wintour at a fashion show

So try making your New Years goals list this way. I hope it helps!

The photo attached to this blog was the lock screen on my phone for the entire 2020. It really helped me to refocus whenever I noticed it on my screen. It was also a really nice artistic exercise to pick my favorite photo, choose a funky font, and edit it with Pics Art. 10/10 Highly Recommend. 


Have a great year!

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