Hi! Who are you? Who am I? Introduction + First blog post!

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Hi all! 

Brief introduction: My name is Brejenn. It's pronounced BREE-gin. The "Bre" part is a long EE sound and the "Jenn" part is pronounced just like the alcohol. Gin. I humbly ask that you remember my name.

What comes with this site is the Moseber Mary Fund which I am so passionate about. (The name is pending. It's actually a mash-up of all my grandparents' names.)  My calling has always been to help the most people I can. This fund is my chance to do that.

I always see kids who are in need and that's probably because I was (and am) a kid in need. (Kinda like if you buy a Honda, you see Hondas all the time. Side note: I know kids are NOT Hondas lol) If it wasn't for good-hearted people who let God use them, I would not be where I am today. A grandmother paid for my school uniforms one year my parents couldn't afford them, and another kind lady paid my remaining balance for private school. I want to pay it forward 10 times what others have done for me if I can! 

I also hope to include charities that match certain works of art. For example, the World Wildlife Fund to match the Salamandar piece. Let me know what you think!

Enjoy scrolling through the site! If you've noticed, the theme here is having fun, feeling happy, and making the space around you happy with goofy art by a goofy girl. You'll find song lyrics in the description and weird quotes, that's just me being an openly weird art freak. I'm being regular and approachable which is something the big, bad, art world definitely is NOT. 

I'm Bigger & Badder though. 

Get in loser, we're going shopping on brejennallen.com! Use code "BLOG10" for 10% your entire purchase off since you read all the way to the END! Yay!

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  • Seth Rubenstein on

    Hello, Ms. Brejenn (Brēgin :) I am a fan. I discovered you because of the Messiah, but the more I investigate, the more I appreciate what you do. I have a question. I want to buy a “Messiah” for my brother. I found a place to get one that offers prints on pillows, etc. I just wanted to make sure purchases made on these sites do in fact come back to you.



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