Primary Thoughts

Red, yellow, and blue are the primary colors.  This was a lesson I learned in elementary school.  These colors are primary for a reason.  Now this is a personal observation blood is red, the sun is yellow and the sky is blue.  Furthermore, out of these three colors the secondary colors are made.  Yesterday I started painting with some acrylic paint and found it quite interesting how many colors could be obtained by mixing these three colors randomly.  I achieved several different shades, they were all beautiful and necessary.  The canvas was touched.  The brush strokes were not even and the colors met the canvas with no uniformity although they seemed to belong and look like an intentional piece of art I thought about the piece for a long while before I began to paint.  This is what makes it art.  The internal thoughts that are eventually manifested as an expression of communication. .  I have not finished the piece yet and will continue to think on it.  Art to me is a conversation between thoughts, feelings, and expression.

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