Mother Earth
Mother Earth

Mother Earth

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Why is Earth a woman and God a man? Is that why we invoke violence against her and refuse to take her seriously?

She is beautiful! We explore her body and her soul, we suckle away the recourses that she creates from the wells of her being. 

And then we beat her. We abuse her and laugh in her face as she cries. Do you hear anything? Why is Earth a woman? This particular painting isn't so much about escaping as it is about realizing. Realizing that we are harming Mama and we can stop. 


.: 265 gsm fine art paper

.: For indoor use

.: Multiple sizes

ROOM VIBEZ: Earthy and ocean blues will complement this piece. Energies include Mother Earth, a wholesome girl with good vibes who collects crystals and wear waist beads.
A portion from all profits goes toward the Moseber Mary Fund and various other charities. Make your world around you a happy place, and make the world outside of yours a happy place when you make any purchase on this site. No matter how big or small. 

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