Pink Twerker 1

Pink Twerker 1

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Pink Twerker 1

Acrylic on paper, 2020. 18 x 24"

Pink Twerker 1 is the first acrylic dance painting in a series of stick figures posed, ready to shake what their Mamas gave them. Here the artist explores how we can take everyday things that might be designated as ghetto, hip hop, or popular culture and make them minimalisitcally appealing and artistic to what might be a classy, [white], or high-class audience.

She painted it on the floor in an oversized Superman t-shirt and no pants.

ROOM VIBEZ: Minimalistic artwork for more modern interior design. The bigger the better. Energies include people who want minimalistic art that is also secretly funny, art collectors, and historians who marvel at work and try to decipher artwork that's just about sex twerking.

A portion of all proceeds from all artwork is donated to the Moseber Mary Scholarship Fund which aids extraordinary black children in need of school supplies, registration fees, uniforms, and more. 

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