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"Generosity" Acrylic, mosaic tiles, beads, flecks on canvas. 2021. $333

"Generosity" was created for the 7D7V Virtual Exhibition at the Little Yellow Building in Columbus, Mississippi. It contrasts with its opposing piece Greed. 

Here you can see the dollar is intact and there is no tension within the bill. That means it is being given and taken freely. 

Generosity is something that is important within our community but also within our world as simple human beings. 

This is a mixed media piece with mosaic tiles, letter beads, acrylic, and black flecks that you can see if you zoom in close to the piece's background. 

Can come in my custom hand-made bubble frames for an additional $75. The frame will be 2 inches thick and can come in gold, silver, or any color in the painting. 

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